Well, the chica pictured above is me, Tonika Yvonne Wheeler (AKA Toni). Writer, actress, producer, and entrepreneur who proudly represents the ‘Rockin’ L’. Meaning, I grew up surrounded by the piney woods of Longview, TX. I hold a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Phoenix. 

I started BluLibra Entertainment to breathe life to the hidden stories from unheard voices not discovered yet or just emphatically ignored. 


Let's take a look at where I've studied:

Film and stage performance at KD Studio Actors Conservatory (Dallas, TX), TVI Actors Studio (Sherman Oaks, CA), and TSAW (Los Angeles, CA).  Also, I've studied under the brilliant Akin Babatunde 

2021, I began studying at The Independent Film School with Ela Thier. Why? Because, I wanted to know what the hell I'm actually doing & saying when I'm writing, producing, and directing film.


The Work:

Writing credits (Abridged)

Damaged Goods (Book, Author)

My Block by Deric Jackson (editor, writing doctor)

Outside the Box Blog (author, View Woman Magazine)

Confessions of a Female Security Guard (author, aol.com)


Film Production credits (Abridged)

Damaged, short film (writer & producer) 


Theatre Production Credits (Abridged)

 Kindertransport by Diane Samuels, Dir. Niki Flacks (Production Assist.)

Meeting of the Minds (MC)


Acting Credits (Abridged) 

IMDB page


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